For Employers

In 2003 a survey* was conducted in Germany and 2000 employees were asked about their job satisfaction. Only 12% of the questioned were satisfied and engaged in their job, the majority declared that “they do only what they are told and nothing else”. The survey referred to a situation of many companies in several European countries. Under these circumstances companies can’t be innovative and competitive enough.

This example from the real life shows that employees who do not have intrapreneurship behavior, are not affording the company with new ideas or innovations. However, this behavior is possible to obtain only if the employee has enough information and basic knowledge about business running. Acquiring necessary competences (e.g. entrepreneuship competence) is essential for being an intrapreneur.

3P Consulting (one of the partners of this project) is one of the companies, which has already implemented the concept of intrapreneurs in its daily life. Šimon Budský, the Managing Director of 3P Consulting means:

“The key factor is to support the employees and give them the opportunity to show their capabilities and potential. ”

In a questionnaire* preceding this project the majority of the employers demonstrated willingness for having such engaged employees as Šimon does. Don’t be afraid of sharing this idea with us!

Unfortunately the majority of current employees doesn’t have a principal understanding of the basic aims and goals of a company. The basic business management knowledge provided by the education system (specifically non-business oriented schools and universities) doesn’t seem to be enough and failed at the time of spreading one of the key competences. This is due not only to the lack of competent teachers, but also to this offer of suitable teaching programmes (some are too long, too theoretical, complicated or don’t offer an acknowledged certificate that promises better chances to get a job or to make career). Also the program should educate employees in phases but during their whole life (introduce them into the changes of the market, the development of the trade etc.). Companies, as well as non business management schools and universities are not ready to spend too much time and money for business management education.

The EBC*L certificatetogether with the Easy Business blended learning system – can offer a solution to fight against all the problems listed above, by offering the following:

  • Motivation by the international EBC*L certificate
  • An accepted framework and guideline for business management basic skills 
  • A modern training system that enables to learn the basic Business Management know how in a really easy and motivating way and in a very short time.

Note: This concept of solution is being under a process of development (it’s the matter of this project sponsored by the European Union).