Project & Partners

Key points about the project

  • Name: Intrapreneurship – the new aim of vocational education and training
  • Grant agreement number: CZ/09/LLP-PS/LdV/021
  • EU support: under the Leonardo da Vinci programme
  • Duration: August 1st, 2009 – July 31st, 2011
  • Number of partners: 5

The Partnership consists of subjects mainly involved in vocational education or educational projects from various business fields and working positions from 6 European countries. Thus the Partnership combines the academic and practical view on the topic.

The goal of this project is to cooperate on developing and disseminating the Intrapreneurship concept as one of instruments how to increase the level of interest in vocational education and training as well as a tool for employers how to survive in a competitive market.

The partners are working on a study “Intrapreneurship concept and its importance In Lifelong learning” that answers the main questions:

  1. what is Intrapreneurship
  2. which presumption are necessary in companies
  3. the competences necessary for Intrapreneurship
  4. how to desing a vocational education and training according to the intrapreneurship segment that has to be reached
  5. how can Intrapreneurship be a Lifelong Learning Process

The partners for this project are:

1. EBC Licensing GmbH (Austria )

– license holder of the EBC*L system (European Business Competence* License).This is a unique Europe wide system aimed on education and training in the field of Business Administration. The whole system was set up on practical thinking and examples, not on theory. It contributes to the international and mutual recognition of EBC*L certificate. EBC Licencing has a strong international knowledge in Business Administration education and trainings and acts also as a consultant for other educational companies.

2. Kuratorium für Wirtschaftskompetenz e.V. (Germany )

– built as an initiative to increase the level of business competence in Europe through high qualitative education systems. It consists of university’s professors from various countries and is cooperating on development and testing of possible educational approaches to various themes. It cooperates closely with experts from business and educational praxis. Kuratorium takes also par t in developing of new educational contents aimed on practical use.

3. ROC Aventus (Netherlands )

– provides senior secondary vocational education, adult education and company training courses. Its learning environment is based on practical situations. The core principle of its programmes is to learn from practical business situations both in the classroom and businesses. ROC Aventus is also one of the biggest employers in its region.

4. 3P Consulting s. r. o. (Czech Republic )

– is a small project management company. The whole firm functions on the principles of Intrapreneurship and attempts to spread this concept also to other cooperating firms. 3P Consulting provides project management for companies and is working on national and international projects in three main fields – education and training, human resources and Research, Development and Innovations.


5. Atama agencija za zaposlovanje, d.o.o. (Slovenia )

– main sphere of activity is situated in employing and recruiting personnel for partner companies. This specific position between company’s needs and candidates careers enables a unique view on the job market. With partners Atama succeeded in establishing national HR web portal, and provided idea and expertise in establishment of national educational web portal portalznanja,com. In recent year Atama established a network of partner agencies for filling up open positions in Slovenia and elsewhere in Europe.