What is the idea of Intrapreneurs about?

Intrapreneurship is a concept of an employee thinking and acting as an entrepreneur, but within a company. An intrapreneur acts independently, is proactive, brings new ideas, which means that he brings innovations to the company. He/she thinks as an entrepreneur, but within his/her company, within a smaller world which he/she understands perfectly. Such an employee is one of the tools for the European companies to be successful in the market and survive in the global economy.

Is it really necessary to have intrapreneurs at work?

Definitely it is. As it was mentioned: “No innovation means no competitiveness in the market.”

Research* have shown that nowadays only a small percentage of employees are engaged in their job. They do what they are told and they don’t have a passion/feeling to do anything else. This kind of employees can’t be innovative and such a company can’t be competitive enough.

How is it possible to have intrapreneured employees?

People can have the feeling of intrapreneurship in other moments of their daily life (e.g. volunteer at fire brigade, poker club)… According to other scientific studies* the reason for this behaviour is that employees don’t have enough understanding of the basic aims and goals of the company. An appropriate training and business management knowledge, would definitely deepen their understanding and engagement. Thus, the only possibility is to set up a system of trainings – how to incorporate them in the company and train the employees within a lifelong learning.

How is it possible to reach intrapreneurship?

 To act as intrapreneurs employees need to gain one of the key competences – the entrepreneur competence. Unfortunately the current education system doesn’t provide (potential) employees with such a knowledge and it’s upon the future schools/ universities/vocational trainings providers whether they would offer a suitable programme for them. Based upon an experience of the partners of the project, the EBC*L certificate – together with the Easy Business blended learning system – can offer a solution for this lack of the programmes in Europe by offering the following:

  • Motivation by the international EBC*L certificate 
  • An accepted framework and guideline for business management basic skills 
  • A modern training system that enables to learn the basic Business Management know how in a really easy and motivating way and in a very short time.

Note: This concept of solution is being under a process of development (it’s the matter of this project sponsored by the European Union).